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Video Production Process


How I typically work

Need a full video production service from concept to delivery? Here’s a basic outline of how I typically work:

Initial Consultation:

We’ll begin with a call to discuss your specific goals for the video, the key messages you want the customer to know about the product, and any pain points you’re hoping to address through this project.

Creative Session:

I'll explore ideas, visual styles, and come up with a solid project brief. The brief will outline the concept, timeline, and deliverables, ensuring we’re all on the same page before moving forward.

Quotation and Approval:

I’ll provide a quote for the project. Once accepted, we can move on to scheduling the shoot.


We’ll schedule the filming day(s) according to your availability. I'll bring the kit, and a camera assistant, if necessary, to ensure high-quality content production.


I’ll start the editing process. This stage includes rounds of revisions to ensure the video meets your expectations.


Once the edits are complete, I’ll deliver the final video. If needed, I can optimise the content for various social media platforms.