Camera Operator Editor Based in ManchesterFree ‘Impulz’ LUTs

If you’re looking to give your videos that ‘cinematic’ or ‘film’ feel via colour grading, then you should do some research into using LUTs (Lookup Table). They’re mathematical formulas that can be looked up by your editing software to change the colours in your footage.

LUTs can change saturation, contrast, or change the colours entirely. Some LUTs do a combination of all 3.

Check out Color Grading Central who have on offer many different LUTs. Their ImpulZ LUTs have 3 packages; Basic, Professional and Ultimate. The good news? Basic is free and contains 10 LUTs to get you started. Well, the website says 6, I got 10. Not complaining.

I used the FujiColor 200 LUT on the following video for Warrington Wolves.

I will continue to create these blog posts in future to compile the best free filmmaking resources from the internet so be sure to come back for further learning materials!